Tomorrow! See you at King an Bay

Check out what is happening in Toronto below, as well as our upcoming teach-in on CETA and the Tar Sands
Join the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at CAIA rally this Saturday!
WHAT: Rally and March to End Canadian Complicity in Apartheid. Mining Injustice Solidarity Network and No One  is Illegal will pay tribute to some of the fallen who have died trying to bring Canadian companies to justice.
WHERE: Meet at King and Bay streets, Toronto
WHEN: Saturday March 26th, 2011 @ 12:30pm
The seat of Canada’s economic engine, the intersection of King and Bay marks the rallying point for the nation’s capital forces. Accordingly, so too should it stand as a target for those seeking to confront those forces that displace, injure and kill and wreak havoc on the environment. Among the most egregious offenders in this regard, the mining industry, thrives in Canada which is home to more of the top 100 mining companies than any other country in the world. An unreleased 2009 industry report singled out Canadian mining companies as the most rampant offenders of corporate social responsibility standards on the globe. Companies such as Barrick Gold, accused of complicity in offences such as gang rape by their security personnel and forced displacement via house burning at their Papua New Guinea mining operation, and Green Park International, which builds illegal Israeli settlements on internationally recognized Palestinian land must be targeted in ways they understand: Force Canadian financial institutions and entities to comply with both Canadian and international law and DIVEST from these offenders now. 

What’s more… Israel invests in the exploitation of the tar sands in Alberta, which creates massive water waste and tremendous scars on the earth, poisons people and animals, and break the treaty rights of many First Nation communities living along the path of destruction. Israel’s interest in tar sands development comes from massive oil sands deposit that cover some 15% of the country. Join the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network and No One is Illegal to highlight the abuses of Canadian companies operating at home and abroad! We will commemorate those who have died seeking justice from these companies and highlight the specific struggles that they died for.

***Please bring Red and White carnations. Some will also be provided***
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