Sign the Petition to Stop The Mega Quarry!

Check out Council of Canadians’ Action Alert to Stop the Melancthon Quarry. Then join the 5 day action to demand justice from mining and extraction!

Details below

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5 Responses to Sign the Petition to Stop The Mega Quarry!

  1. Eleanor Sherbo says:

    This quarry is a terrible idea. We are giving our country away to another American company!
    Please, please, please do NOT let it happen.

  2. James MacBrien says:

    I cannot believe that this is even being considered! If the Government does not get heavy handed in preventing this catastrophe from happening they are showing a complete disregard to the health of our environment and communities. I would completely lose confidence in the people that are employed simply to protect our interests and ensure our voices are not only heard, but listened too. We would be exploiting our land for financial gain that isn’t even for our own country! We will be destroying some of the most beautiful and pristine land in Ontario, precious animal habitats and ecosystems will be lost and irreversible damage will be done to our water supply that affects the entire province, and for what!?
    If our land is not protected all confidence in our local and federal government will be lost. Action must be taken by our leaders to stop the quarry otherwise they are telling us that they really don’t care about our environment, our communities and the people that live in them.

  3. Alexandra Pomeroy says:

    I live in Orangeville and enjoy the natural surroundings. This must be stopped! It will kill the environment in this area and the people and environment will suffer tremendously. It’s truly shameful.

  4. Marie Jacobs says:

    1) Surely, all quarries should be subject to environmental assessments as are most other projects and industrial uses, major and minor, which can have a potential impact on the environment. I call for legislative change to ensure that this happens. Without an environmental assessment, we cannot ensure that water sources and supply are properly protected and quarries, this one in particular, require massive amounts.
    2) There is an alarming loss of food-growing land in Ontario, increasing our dependence on imported food. We need to carefully protect the farmland we have left. This provides another reason why this quarry application needs to be closely examined.
    3) Having gathered the land under false pretenses (e.g., “for growing potatoes”) and worked “undercover” to assemble documentation to support the quarry, the community is now left with very little time to respond to this application. I call on the government to give the public much more than the ridiculously small 45 days it has provided for response.
    4) This is not a “NIMBY” issue. I myself live in Burlington, but share the concerns of farmers, residents, and environmental protection groups.

    Marie Jacobs

  5. Donald Edghill says:

    It is not a suprise what the colour of money can do!! Corporations and Governments it is amazing what power in the hands can do!!

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