Past Activities

Here are some links to reports and media on past activities:

CETA and the Tar Sands teach-in We met at OISE before the 7th round of negotiations on the Comprehensive and Economic Free Trade deal. We learned about what CETA has to do with the tar sands and why we need to stop this trade deal for environmental justice!

Shaking up the Financial District La Via Campesina called for 1000 Cancuns during the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Cancun in December 2010. EJ Toronto responded by stopping traffic in Toronto’s financial district.

Ask Me Why I protest the Tar Sands EJ Toronto talked to people outside of the Eaton Centre to talk about why we oppose tar sands projects. Check out the photos and more information!

First Nations Women’s Speaking Tour The tour started off in Toronto, with 3 amazing female speakers from communities fighting tar sands expansion.

Freedom for Alex Hundert In solidarity with G20 arresttees, members of EJ Toronto dropped a banner off the Gardiner Expressway.

Enbridge Day On Enbridge’s investors’ day, EJ Toronto met them at their Toronto meeting with a message.

People’s Assembly on Climate Justice With many active groups, EJ Toronto helped put together a People’s Assemblies on Climate Justice–a forum in which WE talked about the real solutions to the climate crisis.


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